Chronic Plaque Acids Can Promote Cavities

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If you’re not brushing your teeth consistently each morning and night, or you frequently forget to thoroughly floss at least once each day, the plaque and bacterial deposits in your mouth can start to build up. As the presence of plaque acids increases each day, it can gradually start to affect your tooth enamel.

In time, chronic plaque acids can cause cavities to develop on multiple teeth. If our dental professionals notice a problem like this during your routine dental checkup, we might be able to repair the teeth with dental fillings.

After the teeth have been professionally repaired, one of our dentists will help restore the general strength of your existing tooth enamel. This might include administering a fluoride treatment. In just a few minutes the concentrated fluoride gel can restore some of your tooth enamel’s mineral density to help resist future cavities.

You will also need to make some concerted improvements in your daily oral hygiene habits, this includes brushing twice each day and making sure to floss at least once. Be sure to brush your teeth with a quality toothbrush and fluoridated toothpaste.

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