Why You Shouldn’t Skip Routine Teeth Cleanings

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When it comes to having a healthy smile, most people know that they need to practice effective dental hygiene, including daily habits of brushing and flossing, to reduce the chances of tooth decay. Oral health also depends on regular visits with the dentist to receive necessary preventive care such as dental cleanings.

Dental cleanings are a vital component of routine dental checkups because our team uses this opportunity to polish away tooth stains that your toothbrush couldn’t budge and remove harmful tooth substances. Our dentist also examines your smile for any signs of a developing dental issue so that we can provide important treatment if needed. Routine dental visits enable you to benefit from dental treatment that is more conservative and economical.

During your appointment, we will screen for certain dental issues, including oral cancer, so that we can optimize your treatment following early detection. Other issues we look for include symptoms of cavities and gum disease, which can contribute to health problems such as respiratory concerns and heart disease if not treated early.

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