The Fundamentals of Enamel Erosion

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Do you know the fundamentals of enamel erosion? If not, that’s OK! Your tooth enamel is the white substance that creates your teeth. When it becomes eroded, cavities can arise, and your oral health can rapidly decline. There are many things important to know about your enamel, which is why our team is happy to help you!

Our dentists care about your oral health and is happy to help you fight against enamel erosion. That is why our team at Adaptive Dental Associates in Phillipsburg, New Jersey, has provided you a list of facts on the subject.

Here is a list of fundamental facts on enamel erosion:

– Acid reflux disease can cause enamel erosion because of the acids in the esophagus that can damage your teeth.
– The lack of saliva in your mouth is dangerous to your oral health because bacteria that is left in your mouth can eat at your tooth enamel.
– Brushing and flossing help reduce enamel erosion and protect your teeth.
– Sugars are dangerous to your oral health, causing your teeth to rot and decay over time.
– Your diet plays a role in enamel erosion because of the food choices that could put your teeth in jeopardy, making it essential to think about your diet in order to protect your teeth.
– Sugar-free gum can help increase saliva production to help your tooth enamel stay healthy.

As you can see, your tooth enamel is essential to preserving your oral health. If you have questions about your oral health, or if you would like more information, please call us today at 908-847-4498 to make an appointment. Our team is happy to assist you with your enamel erosion troubles.